The village of San Michele di Pagana is one of the six sestieri (districts) of the town of Rapallo and is situated in the Gulf of Tigullio, on the Riviera di levante, about 44 km from the city of Genoa.
The locality is situated in an enchanting bay on the edge of the Gulf of Tigullio which is made up of three picturesque coves - Pomaro, Trelo (or Travello) and Prelo (once a safe port, first for the Romans and later for pirates) - now connected by a scenic pedestrian walkway. San Michele di Pagana is situated between the towns of Rapallo and Santa Margherita. It is part of the Portofino marine park and the Portofino Park and its seabeds, while not being especially deep, are as picturesque as all the others in the area and therefore attract diving enthusiasts. Keen walkers can climb up the monte di Portofino and down into Santa Margherita or Rapallo, along the jasmine path or the pittosporum path, or to San Lorenzo, along the orange tree path, entering the greenery.
The village is typically Ligurian with tall houses painted in many colours overlooking the fishermen's beach.

San Michele di Pagana can be visited in any season. Those looking for relaxation in the summer sun will find a well-kept and exclusive beach, a strip of sand crowned by the hills which offer a selection of walks. On Sundays and bank holidays during other months, taking a walk and exploring the village is an excellent alternative to resting in the sun, while enjoying pre-dinner drink or after eating lunch.