The blue flag waves on the beaches, between Cavi and the centre. But in addition to dives and the clean sea, there is a lot more to discover

In the heart of the Eastern Riviera, Lavagna is the symbol of bathing tourism, thanks to its splendid sandy beach that extends for kilometres and is the longest in this part of the coast. Here for years on the sea promenade has waved the much sought after Blue Flag. In Lavagna there is also the biggest tourist harbour in Tigullio and indeed in Liguria, with landing places for pleasure boaters sailing along the coast or setting out for Portofino or Cinque Terre. Lavagna is a place to visit for its monuments and to know for its history. The inhabited area is crossed by the Caruggio (Via Roma), which opens up on the wonderful Piazza Marconi, dominated by the Basilica di Santo Stefano and by the elegant Brignardello Colonnade.

Via Roma is also the commercial heart of the town of Lavagna, of its quaint alleys with medieval porticos and shops. Something to see in the historic area is the Casa Carbone, a coherent example of housing architecture in the fin de siècle style, typically Ligurian in the external decorations and in the structure, now the property of Italian Alpine Federation, which manages it.
Lavagna’s history is linked to that of its counts (the Fieschi) always engaged in a struggle for supremacy against Genoa. Every year, on 14 August, there is an amazing historical evocation with thousands of figurants that ends with the “Torta dei Fieschi” (Cake of the Fieschi). Lavagna is also a paradise for gourmets: on the table there is fresh fish galore, but also delicacies made with the products of the nearby hinterland to be enjoyed in the various restaurants and wine shops in the area.