A precious land that reveals traces of the glacial period. Discover its places rich in resources and flavours. It has an agricultural soul, a creative inspiration linked to the craftsmanship tradition

Discover the interesting production of wool and fine yarns, in the valley floor of the Petronio stream, behind Sestri Levante. A landscape of woods invites you to hiking trails, interesting from a geological perspective and for minerals lovers. Here is the Roccagrande pond, once a glacial lake, and the “pillows”, remains of eruptive undersea phenomena. A land of faith and genuine flavours as shown by the many churches and the good food. Enjoy chickpea farinata, savoury pies, ravioli, pansoti stuffed pasta, milk fritters and strawberry tarts, celebrated by a pleasant summer festival.

What to see: “Parma Gemma” Mineralogical Museum