Medieval atmospheres recalled in impressive night events. A country to be enjoyed to the full, at the table as well

At the foot of Mount San Giacomo, between the Fontanabuona and Graveglia valleys, a few kilometres from Lavagna, a refined and aristocratic town, as evidenced by the Count’s Fieschi Palace, dating back to the 13th century, today turned into a museum and exhibition centre. Admire the Romanesque masterpiece of the Fieschi Basilica in San Salvatore and also the sacred artworks in the San Lorenzo church. There are many picturesque celebrations of the past such as the Addiu du Fantin, a night event recalling the fascination of the Middle Ages. From history to the table, feelings are the same: discover a menu rich in Ligurian specialties including ravioli, trenette with pesto and the typical testaieu, all celebrated by many summer festivals.

What to see: the Fieschi Basilica, Fieschi Palace