Land of “grains” and of country flavour, of people tied closely to their origins even if they emigrated to America. A township where you can rediscover the sense and the value of genuineness

In the Chiavari hinterland, small hamlets dot the trough of the Malvaro, tributary of the Lavagna river. Immerse yourselves in a wooded landscape and set off on magnificent hikes along the eastern side of Mount Caucaso. A town which, as the Italian name suggests, is devoted to the cultivation of “grains” - broad beans, peas and chickpeas - resources of this land and ingredients in the local cuisine. Pastures, rural houses and handicraft shops all await you. Signs of tradition and of history, which here is all about how so many people left for the new pastures of the Americas, as testified by a museum named after the parents of the founder of the Banca d’America e d’Italia who were born here. A chapter that is revived every year with a festival that hosts the Favale people from America, who come back to their origins for the occasion.

What to see : Casa Giannini museum of the emigrant