The hamlet of Riva Trigoso was once a fishing village and is now home to of renowned shipbuilding companies. It is located in the Gulf of Tigullio, on the Riviera di Levante, about 4 km from Sestri Levante town centre. The locality is well-known not only for its famous shipyards, where renowned pleasure boats are built, but also for its delicious bagnun fish soup, the local speciality, celebrated in a famous festival. The torrent Petronio divides this coastal village into two parts, Riva levante and Riva ponente. Its ancient appearance remains unspoilt, with its small, low houses with colourful façades overlooking the long beach that runs around the mouth of the torrent Petronio. Riva Trigoso has one of the few long, wide beaches in this part of the Ligurian coast. During the penultimate weekend in July, when the bagnun festival takes place in celebration of the famous bagnun fish soup, food buffs and sophisticated tasters flock to the village to try the delicacy.