Wild nature, smelling of salt and myrtle, in this place where cliffs and little bays are a medicine against stress

The Da Passanos, who for a long time were the seigniors of this seaside village surrounded by little rural hamlets, immediately realised it: this is an earthly paradise. For this reason they built a castle there that for a long was time their domain, and whose remains are still visible.
Today Framura is still a magic place as it was then, with its steep territory that slides down into the sea giving you fantastic panoramas, and its small agglomerations of houses that preserve the charm of past epochs.
Anyone arriving there immediately sees the many little bays to bathe in and the minuscule harbour, which for some time has been the splendid terminal of the cycle path that starts from Levanto and comes as far as here.

If you have the good fortune to come by sea, stop in front of the red rocks, a wild bay where the cliffs are dyed purple at sunset. Or anchor in front of the little west bay. You will lose yourself in the blue of the sea and in the greenery around: elements that make Framura a true paradise for lovers of nature, the sea, trekking, the mountain-bike, art, history and gastronomy.
For those who love seabeds, more expert scuba divers can make dives to explore the numerous wrecks in the seabeds off the coast of Framura, starting from the destroyer “Marcella”, which like a now harmless sea monster lies 50 metres down.