An old village, a long sandy beach and so many restaurants where you can taste good fish dishes

Monterosso al Mare, an old seaside village between Punta Mesco and the Tinetto island, is the least up-and-down village of the Cinque Terre.
It is positioned behind hills cultivated with vineyards, and olive groves encircle the village as in an embrace.
Its stupendous beaches, marvellous sheer cliffs and the crystalline waters of the sea make this little village one of the most pleasant on the eastern Ligurian coast. Here you will find a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy dishes from the local gastronomy and a glass of controlled-origin-denomination white wine.
At Monterosso there are some of the most scenographic beaches in Liguria: the beach at Fegina, the biggest and most convenient of the Cinque Terre and the only sand beach.

Monterosso doesn’t only offer charming views of the sea, but also an important architectural heritage. Go into the fascinating old village, with its caruggi that smell of salt, admire the Gothic façade of the San Giovanni Battista church, the old Santa Croce oratory and the San Francesco church where there is a painting of the Crucifixion attributed to Van Dyck.
And in May the streets of Monterosso are dyed yellow thanks to the lemon feast. During the feast you can taste jams, lemon liqueur and lemon cakes and creams and visit a typical lemon grove.