Colourful house-towers perched high up, narrow and steep lanes toward the sea and a new beach with a hidden passage

For some it is the most charming village in the Cinque Terre, so much so that in 2013 the New York Times named it as one of the 46 places in the world absolutely to be visited.
The colourful houses perched high up, the ups-and-downs of the caruggi, the gullets that swing in the sea off the small beach: once you visit it, you will inevitably fall in love with Vernazza. The appearance is that of a fortified village, noble and elegant, perched on the slopes of a rock spur, where steep and narrow lanes go down towards the harbour.
It was built by the Genoese in the year 1000 as a place of defence, and the typical house-towers, the Tower and the Castle of the Dorias recall its ancient origins.

The first impact with the village is enchanting. The green of the vineyards, the medieval façade of the Santa Margherita di Antiochia church, the little square with the tables of the restaurants, the houses with the typical Ligurian colours, the craft shops in the narrow alleys give Vernazza an atmosphere which is half traditional and half fairytale.
The symbol of the village is the Belforte tower of the Castle of the Dorias: from here and from the terrace you enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the village and the coast as far as nearby Monterosso. Another very evocative place is the old Sanctuary of the Black Madonna: the little square in front of the church is ideal for resting in the shade of the oaks with an exciting view of Vernazza from above.