Corniglia is difficult to get to, but once you get there you won't want to go away

Corniglia is a little jewel perched on a cliff affording truly unique landscapes and promptings. You just have to feel like walking and climbing a bit to discover secret beaches.
The fact is that the village can be reached from the sea by climbing a long flight of steps in bricks called Lardarina, actually 3 flights with 377 steps, or else going up the road that climbs up from the railway. The spectacle is absolutely worth every single step.
Looking out on the sea from a cliff about 100 metres high, Corniglia gives a unique panorama of the crystalline waters of Cinque Terre, as well as a very picturesque village immersed among vineyards and terraces that surround it on three sides

To such a special glimpse there is added a village that deserves to be explored for all its beauty, starting from the piazza of Largo Taragio, with unmistakable eighteenth-century atmospheres, with the old Santa Caterina Oratory among the houses.
The secret beaches: the other treasure of Corniglia is its beaches, authentic paradises where the sea has truly exceptional transparencies and tones. Guvano beach lies in a bay between Corniglia and Vernazza. To get to it you have to take the path that connects Corniglia to Vernazza; after about ten minutes you veer left following the signs for the free beach. The other two beaches are the big Corniglia beach, not far from the station, just beyond the Europe Village or Corniglia Marina, just below the village, on the side in the direction of Vernazza, attainable via a flight of steps going down from the centre of the village.