At Varese Ligure, the village with the Borgo Rotondo, the heart of Val di Vara and organic agriculture

They are many reasons for a trip to the upper Val di Vara, the green heart of the La Spezia territory, which has obtained the hallmark of valley of organic production: the first in Italy to understand the value of nature and naturalness. The public lighting of the streets in Varese Ligure runs on wind energy in the green spirit of the valley for eco-sustainable management of the territory, and the meat is certified with an organic hallmark, as is the milk.
It is inevitable for anyone searching for natural flavours to stop at Varese Ligure to visit one of the oldest and best preserved historic areas in the La Spezia territory. A must is the Borgo Rotondo, conceived in the Middle Ages as a defence system.

The building plan was done by family that had its feud at Varese, the Fieschi. For its typology the Borgo recalls the structure of other medieval dwelling nuclei in the area, gathered around a square surrounded by porticos, under which there were the stores. It starts from the historic area of Varese Ligure and goes towards the Hundred Crosses Pass, the so-called Napoleonic route, one of the many itineraries in the area.
From the village you go along mule tracks that cut through splendid meadows with cows grazing, as far as the Langasco homes and the Colony of the Hundred Crosses Pass. For gourmets the area is a paradise. There are many dishes, done with the few available ingredients: from lasagne with leek sauce to tagliatelle with beans and zimino, as well as crosetti and tomaxelle ai cuculletti (potato croquettes). Widely used is chestnut flour: for castagnaccio (chestnut cake) and tagliatelle.