Lots of opportunities in a city rich in history, which every summer becomes a theatre of unique and very beautiful initiatives

A border land, a magic place with its forts and its narrow alleys. For half a century Sarzana has been a capital of antiques and for about ten years one of the best-known locations for artistic music, with Sconfinando in July, and for the famous Festival of the Mind at the end of August. Set in the “heart” of Lunigiana and the reference town of the latter, Sarzana is the direct descendant of the ancient Roman city of Luni. The town preserves no fewer than two castles, the Firmafede fort, of Pisan origin, and the Sarzanello fort, a former bishop’s residence. Today the sixteenth-century walled village has remained almost intact, with the surrounding walls and four towers and the historic area, in the ancient stretch of the Via Francigena. 

Beautiful and interesting, Sarzana becomes a reference point for enthusiasts when in summer the antiquarian tradition of the city is staged, which with its workshops open all year round is considered an obligatory destination for all enthusiasts and experts in the sector. The magic of Sarzana opens up to tourists’ eyes on summer evenings when there is the International Sconfinando Festival devoted to music from all over the world. At the end of August the event not to be missed is the Festival of the Mind, the first in Europe, devoted to creativeness, which brings together writers, artists, musicians, architects, publicists, and cinema and theatre directors. In front of the big stage set up in the Firmafede fort spectators can enjoy the magic of the place listening to debates and talks on nature and the characteristics of creativeness.