In the Montemarcello Park, among nature, history and culture: a trip in the extreme East

An exceptional balcony suspended over the Gulf of Poets with the Islands of Tino and Tinetto and the plain of the Bocche di Magra, where the rugged Ligurian hills gradually descend to the soft Tuscan lowlands.
It is the park that best “recounts” in images the true essence of a region which is a mixture of sea and mountain, where the extremes often touch.
Following the Magra route, from the famous estuary up to the Val di Vara, you meet a thousand different botanical species, rich and different fauna, often conflicting landscapes just a few kilometres from one another.

In the Park there are some real treasures. One is the village of Tellaro perched on a rock spur sheer over the sea; and well worth visiting are the caruggi of the historic area and the San Giorgio church. Vara is a major faunistic oasis. The splendid pine woods with Aleppo pines, from Punta Bianca to Tellaro, with 260 hectares of forest are a unique example in Italy.
At the mouth of the Magra you find cormorants, herring gulls, herons and the kingfisher, the bird symbolising the Park. For trekking lovers, there are numerous itineraries: from the Magra Mouth to Romito, along the Alta Via del Golfo. Or there is the classical crossing from Montemarcello to Tellaro or the cool itinerary along the final stretch of the Vara, from Padivarma to Beverino.
There are many possibilities. Between one itinerary and another, you can have a relaxing break at the new eco-friendly structure: the former Batteria Domenico Chiodo barracks with a hostel and a picnic area with a breath-taking view of the Gulf of Poets.