In the heart of the valleys, of history and faith. An old town with vibrant colours, in the green of nature, among unforgettable flavours and traditions

A gateway to the Cinque Terre, at the foot of the Ligurian Apennine along the Vara course. Discover the wealth of this land, the Natural park of Montemarcello-Magra, a landscape with a religious and monastic history. Go to the heart of this village, to its picturesque old town with colourful houses surrounded by the green of nature. There are many places of worship, the Cathedral, sanctuaries and ancient monasteries and some other traces of the past such as the medieval bridge on the Vara river or the Bishops’ Palace. From history to the pleasures of the table: taste the dishes made with chestnuts and the Canestrelli biscuits.

Honorary titles: “Village of excellence in the territory 2015”, Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club