Starting place for wonderful walks towards the sea, enjoying evocative landscapes, light and colours of nature, the pleasant smells and the fervour of the festivals

A country that has its roots in Roman times, with a past of marquisates. Discover three small towns that are lost among chestnut trees and cluster pines in the Levanto hinterland. Leave for an amazing tour to Guaitarola Mount, then get down to the sea; you can see sanctuaries, bucolic landscapes and the Medieval bridge over the Malacqua stream, along an ancient pilgrim route. Among ruins of castles and small churches, other paths will lead you to the discovery of the entire Gulf of Liguria, towards the Cinque Terre. In Mattarana, along the Bracco road, you can find the Parco dei Tigli (Park of lindens) and a lake surrounded by vegetation: here, you can enjoy lively summer festivals.