Fiumaretta is situated on the left bank of the source of the Magra river. It is reached from the A12 Genoa – Livorno motorway by exiting at Sarzana and taking the state road for Bocca di Magra.
One of the unique characteristics of Fiumaretta is the presence of both salt and fresh water, as well as lovely sandy, open seashore swept by a strong and regular wind, making it a favourite destination for sailboats and windsurfers.
Like most of the area between Marinella di Sarzana and Magra, Fiumaretta also features marshes and bogs. The area was reclaimed in the second half of the 19th century under the Fabbricotti family; this is the period to which the village dates. Rivers and fresh water make the area an ideal place for canoeing.
The beaches between Punta Bianca and Punta Corvo can be reached by crossing the source of the river with the white peaks of the Apuan Alps in the distant background.
In the summer the beach of Fiumaretta is the ideal place to spend moments of relaxing leisure. The village also features a charming tiny port.