Picturesque Medieval town, two villages linked by history, overlooking a valley of vines that produces very good wines. A landscape to be enjoyed to the full

In a dominant position, from the top of a hill, on the confluence between the Vara and the Magra rivers, behind La Spezia, you can discover an ancient feud that still offers atmospheres of the past, the castle, the refined Giustiniani Palace, the pentagonal tower. Churches, small churches and sanctuaries witness its strong faith. Pass the Arch of San Giorgio and go down to the cultivated lands, that are wonderful vines decorations around the river. Appreciate the rare and fragrant white wine. The local cuisine is also very tempting: enjoy the tagiarin e fasoien grana (tagliatelle and beans), and the fugaza, an original sweet roll.

Attractions : castle, Nostra Signora del Soccorso sanctuary