Fezzano is seaside village in the municipality of Portovenere. It is located on the road to La Spezia, about eight kilometres out of town at the foot of monte Castellana, between Le Grazie and Cadimare villages.
Fezzano is a historical village featuring carruggi (narrow lanes) and high houses crowded together. The village is located in a sheltered cove; its name likely derives from its past as a Roman colony (fundus Alphiadianus). The seashore and the green calm of the pine groves are ideal for long walks in the summer. There is also a small tourist port with spaces for 240 boats and floating docks.
The best time of year to visit the village is during the summer when the port comes alive with the colours of small boats. However, the mild climate makes the discovery of the seaside here a pleasure year-round.
The Church of San Giovanni Battista is located in the centre of the village; built in 1740, it is decorated with Baroque altars and an organ by artisan Luigi Ciurlo, a famous Genoese organ-maker. The Church also houses several famous paintings by the local painter Giuseppe Tori and a statue by Anton Maria Maragliano. Another must-see is the ruins of Villa Cattaneo, the one-time residence of Simonetta Cattaneo, the femme fatale who turned the head of Lorenzo the Magnificent and acted as muse to Botticelli. The painter of the Birth of Venus gave the goddess the features of this young woman and a recent analysis hypothesizes that the painting's background is actually the Golfo di Venere, known today as the Golfo dei Poeti.