Around the Castle of the Lizard (Castello della Lucertola) a village rich in charm, perfumes and tastes, loved by painters and poets

If you love the calm of the villages in stone of the hinterland, visit Apricale, a little medieval village in Val Nervia, just 13 km from the Riviera dei Fiori or Coast of Flowers. Its name means “exposed to the sun” that shines on the slate roofs and on the stone houses lying on the hill. The main piazza of the village is very scenographic, a theatre of local events that include the “Feast of New Oil”, the “Spring Feast”, the Feast of St. Valentine and the “Feast of the Pansarola” (sweet pancakes) on the second Sunday in September.

The Castle of the Lizard was built in the 10th century by the Counts of Ventimiglia and today houses a rich museum and the summer night-time outdoor performances of the Teatro della Tosse in Genoa on designs by Lele Luzzati. Apricale is a village frequented and loved by artists, above all painters, who have done about fifty murals on the façades of the houses. If you look carefully at the bell tower of the Church you will discover a bicycle turned upward, a contemporary art installation.

In Apricale you will be welcomed by art shops, B&B’s and little eating and drinking places where you can taste some specialities of the area like sardenaira, which is a kind of pizza cooked in the oven covered with tomato and sardines, and stockfish brandacujùn (whipped). From the pastures of the Ligurian Alps comes brussu, goat’s milk curdled, salted and seasoned, with a very strong taste. The sweetmeats include pansarole, sweet pancakes that are served together with warm sabayon, and lastly cubaite, sweetmeats made with honey and hazelnuts.