A place that passes down ancient rituals, nine hundred metres above sea level, in a panorama that stretches from the sea to the Ligurian Alps. Extraordinary, like the people who live there

Enveloped in a legend of myths predating the Roman era, which it dates back to, a very old village that towers at the top of a wide, gentle hill. The oldest part includes houses being refurbished, the Garden of Bach Flowers, the old “a sangue” oil mill and the church of San Nicolò, where the sky is the roof and the grass is the floor. The new town offers fine dining, water from the old fountain (Fontana Vecchia) and a medieval festival held for Pentecost - Ra Barca - with a dance of atonement involving the general public that sings an old ballad. Mystical traditions and ancient rituals in occasions where you can feel as if you are part of history and nature, amongst the tallest, centuries-old olive trees in Europe.

Honorary titles: City of oil