A “stone village” on the highest hillsides, amongst olive groves and vineyards, where the homes preserve stories and legends in a close-knit network of alleyways and steps

In the furthest heart of the Nervia valley, a village that narrates a farm history and proposes opportunities for new discoveries: you can find them in the stone houses attached to each other, the alleyways that are like mazes, the archways, the hidden little plazas. Remote corners that come to life with food fairs and festivals dedicated to the local tradition and to old customs. A timeless photograph of nature and of the sky, a village perched on the slopes with a strong emotional impact, become an irresistible invitation to go trekking. Set off and admire, as you come up to the peaks of the Ligurian Alps with limestone walls that are covered with snow in winter.

Honorary titles: City of oil