The beautiful Alta Via dei Monti Liguri is a perfect itinerary for bikers who like to admire the landscape in peace and quiet, without pushing too much on the accelerator. If it is speed what you are looking for, you should avoid this itinerary.

This route starts from the ancient Roman city of Albenga and goes on in the direction of Finale Ligure. Along the way you will cross the cities of Ceriale, Borghetto Santo Spirito, Loano, Pietra Ligure e Borgio Verezzi. 

Once you overcome the city of Finale Ligure you can take the provincial road no. 490, which crosses the Colle del Melogno. In this itinerary you will see the classic Ligurian terraces cultivated on vineyards and olive trees and you will reach the 1028 meters altitude. After the terraces you will see the beechwoods where the road narrows and the curves slip in a succession of continuous ups and downs.

In addition to the beautiful views, in the Colle del Melogno you can find some fortifications that overlook the surrounding valleys, like the Forte Tortagna, which is by far the highest among those built in this area.

On the way back, you cross Calizzano, not far from the foresta della Borbottina, which deserves a visit. If you go on this itinerary you will see Caragna, Massimino and Bagnasco and for a few miles you will drive in the Region of Piemonte. From here, entering the state road 28, you can return to Albenga by crossing the Colle di San Bernardo on a narrow road immersed in the woods that, through Zuccarello, Cisano and Leca, brings you back to the starting point.