Many champions choose Liguria to train for the cycling season. Find here where to spot them!

Wavy routes. Typical villages and green intact woods. Mild temperatures unimaginable in deep winter. Places well linked to the main Northern cities of Italy, then easy to reach.
Streets that built the history of professional cycling. There are loads of reasons that move bike fans to choose for Liguria as the perfect place to train during winter. Nevertheless, for real cycling pros too Liguria is a step ahead. Find here the best places to ride a bike under the sunshine and perhaps meet a real champion in training!


1. Sanremo

You can’t speak about bicycles with no mention to Sanremo. It’s the city of flowers, smiles, songs and, last but not least, the finish line of the Milano-Sanremo race, the famous Classicissima that every year gets the competitive season started.
This is why many bike fans don’t miss the chance to dash down Capo Berta, Cipressa and Poggio’s hairpin turns, to emulate the endeavours of Vincenzo Nibali – the last Italian who won the Classicissima. And if you happen to be very lucky, you can even track down a pro in training and try to find the best condition for the Milano-Sanremo race.

Vincenzo Nibali, vincitore Milano - Sanremo 2018

2. The Western Liguria cycle track

The western Riviera seems to be the pros’ favourite one. Among Sanremo, Imperia and Andora it is quite easy to find the classical pelotons lead by the team car, like real cycle teams. In Sanremo there’s the “Area 24”, one of the longest cycle path in Europe constructed on former train tracks. From Ospedaletti to San Lorenzo al Mare, a 24 kilometre route of nature and relax great for physical activity and sport under the Riviera’s sunshine. Moreover, a project to extend the route to 60 km is about to get concrete realization. A real worldwide famous bike paradise.

The Western Liguria cycle track

The Western Liguria cycle track

3. Laigueglia

Laigueglia is a peaceful village lying on the beach shore, not far from the Alassio’s nightlife, and got used to the bikes’ click sound since a long time. Years ago started to host a race that in decades turned into a classic season launch: Trofeo Laigueglia. Much loved among the youngest pros, this race always named new champions in cycling and can number the most important stars of the cycling history from Michele Dancelli to Franco Bitossi, from Eddy Merckx to Beppe Saronni, from Bartoli, Savoldelli, Ballan to a young and fresh Lance Armstrong.

Trofeo Laigueglia

4. The three capes

Frequent cyclers knows it: Capo Mele bends, Capo Berta breaks and Poggio kills yourself. This is a popular saying among the Milano-Sanremo fans. However, bike riders can’t help enjoying the amazing three capes’ landscape view: the blooming mimosa hillslopes, the roaring sea steeply downhill and some olive tree to be trimmed.
(Here’s a secret: you can avoid the really harsh Capo Berta by riding the incompiuta, a coastal flat way starting before the rising road and bypassing the cape. …Is it supposed to be fun then however?)

Capo Berta

5. Le Manie road

This path grew its popularity among pros and amateurs after the landslide on the Via Aurelia between Capo Noli and Varigotti in 2008. Not far from Finale Ligure, it’s narrow at the beginning and with its 5-9% inclination goes through real challenging hairpin turns into olive groves and cactus. Do not consider this path as a shortcut or a diversion: what you need is a well-trained pair of leg. After the tiny village of Voze and the mystic Le Manie upland – where time seems to have stopped – a very steep downhill starts toward Finale Ligure. Not to be missed!

Aurelia nei pressi di Finale Ligure