Set between the beautiful inlets of Capo Mele and Capo Mimosa, Andora is a lively tourist place all year round, because the climate is mild and the long golden beaches are also frequented out of season. It has been the holder of a blue flag since 1975, and from Andora sighting excursions start for the Cetacean Sanctuary.

Here holidays are marked by fun and sporting activities: surfing, kiting and beach volley. Further, totally renewed, the dock is one of the best equipped and most modern in Western Liguria. With lookout towers and crenellated castles, Borgata Castello was the original nucleus, perched on the hill overlooking the sea, amid centuries-old olive trees and stone cottages.

From here you can get on foot to the Paraxo or Castle and the charming Santi Giacomo e Filippo church, the historic setting of the prestigious musical festival called “Andora Musical Summer.” Andora Castle is one of the best preserved medieval complexes in Western Liguria. Among the services that the council makes available, we can mention the free WiFi in the four areas of the commune: in the Andora marina, in the Butterfly Park, in the equipped free beach, in Largo Milano and in the Library. Andora’s protected-origin-denomination basil is the most important product of the Plain of Andora, while on the terraces of the hinterland there are olive groves. There is also thyme, lentisk, juniper and lavender. To the scented aromatic herbs that are cultivated on the terraces on the hills, there is devoted the Feast of Aromatic Herbs held every year in June in the panoramic village of Rollo.

Discover the three coloured itineraries of the municipality: Art (red), Curiosity (blue) and Kids (yellow).

ARTE: itinerario ROSSO

  1. Palazzo Tagliaferro - Centro Cultura Contemporanea - 2° Piano - Aperto dal giovedì alla domenica dalle 19.00 alle 23.00 
  2. Palazzo Tagliaferro - Museo Mineralogico Dabroi - 1° Piano - Aperto ogni sabato e domenica dalle 19.00 alle 23.00 
  3. Palazzo Tagliaferro - Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche
  4. Palazzo Tagliaferro - Arena eventi culturali
  5. Prosegui in direzione del Ponte Medioevale (5 minuti in auto)
  6.  Chiesa di  San Giovanni
  7. Prosegui in direzione Molino Nuovo (3 minuti in auto)
  8. Borgata Duomo - Sentiero per Conna
  9. Molino Nuovo
  10. Chiesa di San Pietro

CURIOSITÀ: itinerario BLU

  1. Palazzo Tagliaferro - Collezione Minerali Dabroi (sab/dom dalle 19.00 alle 23)
  2. Palazzo Tagliaferro - Centro Arte Contemporanea (giov/ven/sab/dom dalle 19.00 alle 23.00)
  3. Biblioteca Civica
  4. Biblioteca Civica - Il Libro Parlato dedicato ai non vedenti
  5. Pista Patinnaggio coperta
  6. Prosegui in direzione del Porto turistico
  7.  Avvistamento cetacei
  8. Prosegui in direzione Borgata Castello Nucleo antico Andora (15 minuti in macchina)
  9. Chiesa Gotico Romanica dei SS Giacomo e Filippo
  10. Paraxo
  11. Prosegui in direzione Colla Micheri (10 minuti in macchina)
  12.  La Borgata di Thor Heyerdahl

BAMBINI: itinerario GIALLO

  1. Palazzo Tagliaferro - Parco Giochi
  2. Parco delle Farfalle - Parco Giochi
  3. Biblioteca Civica - Spazio bimbi
  4. Pista Pattinaggio
  5. Parco Novara Parco Giochi
  6. Passeggiata Ponente Parco gonfiabili
  7. Passeggiata Ponente Belvedere
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