A summer of #orgoglioliguria. Many coloured itineraries to make you discover the secrets, the art, the flavours and the history of Ligury. Cities, villages and hamlets as you have never seen them!

Ligury opens up, reveals itself and tells her story as it has never done before.

Ligurian streets, squares and hamlets will be crossed by the coloured strips of the #orgoglioliguria campaign, for a summer that will set trends: 3019 stop-overs, 485mkilometers and 228 itineraries divided in 78 municipalities. An explosion of colours that will make you uncover secrets, fun facts, art, history and anecdotes thanks to the itineraries that will unite the territory and make the Ligurian pride stand out. The tale of our municipalities will be told by three coloured itineraries: Art (red), Fun Facts (blue) and Children (yellow), which will be painted on the concrete with erasable paint or special stickers on historic cobblestones.

These will not be ordinary guided tours, but they will gift you with a new experience: the citizens will be active promoters of these itineraries, bringing to life a tale that will be spread on social media. For the first time Ligurians will tell the story of their land, and they will show their pride for it.

Click on the box to discover all the colured #orgoglioliguria municipalities for a summer over the top.