Along an old railway line amid tunnels and views of the sea, there is the recent cycle track that connects Arenzano to Varazze passing through Cogoleto with its long, broad and well equipped beaches. Very beautiful restoration of industrial archaeology has given new life to an old lime kiln that can be visited, the Bianchi Kiln, bearing witness to production for the fortifications at Calvi in Corsica and for the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa.

A tourist itinerary in the historic area tells its story through ceramic tiles. In the area there is the Sant'Anna Golf Club, an eighteen-hole course that experts consider one of the most beautiful in Europe. From the hinterland paths start for Monte Rama and Monte Beigua to be taken on foot, on horseback or on a mountain bike.

Discover the three coloured itineraries of the municipality: Art (red), Curiosity (blue) and Kids (yellow).

ARTE: itinerario ROSSO

  1. Partenza stazione FS
  2. Torre do Scalo (torre avvistamento Saraceni)
  3. Chiesa di San Sebastiano
  4. Parrocchia Santa Maria
  5. Oratorio San Lorenzo  - opere Gino Grimaldi
  6. Percorso della Calce
  7. Fornace Bianchi

CURIOSITÀ: itinerario BLU

  1. Esposizione permanente “C. Colombo” – Sede Comunale
  2. Bassorilievo  Cristoforo Colombo – facciata Sede Comunale
  3. Monumento Cristoforo Colombo – Piazza Giusti
  4. Casa natale di Cristoforo Colombo

BAMBINI: itinerario GIALLO

  1. Parco Villa Nasturzio
  2. Biblioteca Civica
  3. Parco giochi P.le Giovanni XXIII
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