Dotted by brightly coloured flowers, a small village close to Sanremo overlooking the sea with an ancient tower. A sun-kissed village that hides surprising places like the old lead mines, where materials for work and weapons used to be extracted, now accessible along a trail that winds through nature. Amidst olive trees, artichokes and “trombetta” courgettes - ingredients of a taste-tempting cuisine - it’s lovely to hear German or Swedish spoken at the table. Indeed, here foreigners are at home, because many of the inhabitants are Northern European natives. A traditional and at the same time cosmopolitan feel, which gives unique experiences..

Discover the three coloured itineraries of the municipality: Art (red), Curiosity (blue) and Kids (yellow).

ARTE: itinerario ROSSO

  1. Case - Torri medievali
  2. Portone di difesa
  3. Ulivo secolare
  4. Chiesetta San Sebastiano
  5. Torre antiturchesca
  6. Chiesa San Giovanni Battista
  7. Oratorio Santa Maria Maddalena

CURIOSITÀ: itinerario BLU

  1. Antro dei pipistrelli
  2. Antica fontana in pietra
  3. Storico frantoino
  4. Casa del viandante

BAMBINI: itinerario GIALLO

  1. A Maimuna
  2. Parco giochi
  3. Campetto
  4. Sala dell'amicizia
  5. P.zza San Giovanni Battista
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