It may be because of the new Marina, which is big and pleasant, or the fact of being so alive and bustling, that Loano shines brightly on the coast. With a mild and dry climate the whole year round, ensured by the position in the gulf, it has a magnificent beach that stretches out to the east of the offshore dock, over two kilometres long. An artificial barrier protects marine flora and fauna: the stretch of sea is among the most charming on the Riviera, with calm and clean waters suited to children. Don’t miss the long and splendid Madonna di Loreto promenade lined with palm trees, possibly enjoying an ice cream.

On summer evenings, along the waterfront so many bathing establishments that are easily accessible give an opportunity to dine alfresco with terraces directly looking out on the beach, so you can enjoy splendid sunsets over the sea. The historic area is rich in fine buildings and shops where typical products and craft objects can be found. If you want to take a curious itinerary, go in search of the various fountains created thanks to Loano Art Fountains, a project that has brought art to walking and meeting places. Thanks to the moderate climate, at Loano you live very much outside and there are a lot of opportunities to practise sport.

Children can give free rein to the desire for fun in the playgrounds of Grossi and Rocca parks. At the bathing establishments you can devote yourself to diving, windsurfing, sailing and beach volleyball. There are also tennis courts, two miniature golf courses and a skating rink. Behind Loano Monte Carmo stands out, connected by a network of paths to the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri.

Discover the three coloured itineraries of the municipality: Art (red), Curiosity (blue) and Kids (yellow).

ARTE itinerario ROSSO Alla scoperta delle fontane artistiche
  1. Luogo di partenza : Piazza Italia
  2. Fontana “Giovanna”
  3. Fontana di Walter Valentini “Le misure, il cielo”
  4. Fontana di Ugo Nespolo “In cima al mondo”
  5. Fontana di Bruno Chersicla “Conversazioni alla fonte”
  6. Fontana di Silvio Lorenzini “La fontana delle ore”
  7. Fontana di Bruno Chersicla “Nettuno”
  8. Fontana di Fulvio Filidei “Vibrazioni ritmiche loanesi”
CURIOSITA' itinerario BLU
Alla scoperta delle tradizioni
  1. Luogo di partenza : Piazza Italia
  2. Confraternita N.S. Del SS. Rosario (Cappe Turchine)
  3. Oratorio Disciplinanti Bianchi di San Giovanni Battista (Cappe Bianche)
  4. Mostra permanente della marineria loanese
  5. Ponte San Sebastiano
  6. Convento Monte Carmelo
  7. Borgo Castello
  8. Volto Megalitico
  9. Borgo di Zolezzi
  10. Chiesa di san Martino di Liciorono
BAMBINI itineario GIALLO Alla scoperta dei parchi giochi
  1. Luogo di partenza : Piazza Italia
  2. Parco Giardini Lanteri Parodi
  3. Spazio Giochi Pöllin
  4. Parco A. Rocca
  5. Parco Don Leone Grossi
  6. Parco delle Rose
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