Behind the Gulf of La Spezia, this is an ancient Medieval village: its name Arcula, small fortress, reveals its identity. In Roman times, it was a military station on the Aurelia road, but now it is a picturesque town that boasts important signs of the past such as the solemn pentagonal tower. It is a bastion that overlooks a wonderful landscape, a slope planted with vines. You can live moments of meditation in the ancient sanctuaries, such as the Nostra Signora degli Angeli sanctuary which houses the remains of Saint Crescentia. Sip a delicious Vermentino wine, an excellent product that can be matched with specialties such as the ravioli stuffed with borage and nettle with meat.

Discover the three coloured itineraries of the municipality: Art (red), Curiosity (blue) and Kids (yellow).

ARTE: itinerario ROSSO

  1. Pieve S. Michele
  2. Panchina Paul Sartre
  3. Porta Sottana
  4. Le Carceri
  5. Palazzo Tancredi
  6. Vista panoramica
  7. Casa Helene De Beauvoir
  8. Casa Silvio Loffredo
  9. Affresco dell'Hospitale
  10. Casa Walter Tacchini

CURIOSITÀ: itinerario BLU

  1. Ospedale della Casilina
  2. Porta del Poggio o Sottana
  3. Vecchio Tribunale
  4. Statua stele
  5. Vota Scua - Volta oscura
  6. Chiesa di San Nicolò
  7. Castello e Torre Pentagonale
  8. Santuario Ns Signora degli Angeli
  9. Le Tre Fontane

BAMBINI: itinerario GIALLO

  • Centro visite lipu e area picnic
  • Punto osservazione gruccioni e tartarughe
  • Affaccio sul fiume
  • Nido artificiale cinciallegra
  • Nido artificiale barbagianni
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