Deiva Marina is one of the best equipped villages on the wild coastline of La Spezia province. As a backdrop to the beautiful sandy beach there are hotels and bathing establishments that offer hospitality and nightlife.
For those that prefer outdoor holidays, in Deiva there are villages and camping sites. Here holiday rhymes above all with sea, very clear sea, ideal for those that want to get a tan relaxing and have a swim without problems.
Off the shore, unspoilt and fish-filled seabeds satisfy scuba divers with interesting dives. Deiva has a lot of spots with cliffs and almost “wild” little beaches, considered ideal by those who love shore fishing and want to throw in their lines in a relaxed fashion.

The old village is characterized by the narrow alleys and pastel-coloured houses typical of Ligurian architecture. The Sant’Antonio Abate Church is the heart of the historic area and the natural architectural foil to the quadrangular Saracen Tower in front of it, an element of the defensive system of the territory.
Among the hamlets dotted around on the hills there is Passano, with the castle that dominates the Valdeiva. Pleasant walks can be taken along the paths of the hinterland. For those who choose the summer, every evening in July and August Deiva offers an appointment and an opportunity to make new encounters. In the restaurants, fish reigns supreme with some specialities like fish ravioli and Ligurian style fish.

Discover the three coloured itineraries of the municipality: Art (red), Curiosity (blue) and Kids (yellow).

ARTE: itinerario ROSSO

Percorso 1 "A Piedi nella Storia"
  1. Via Matteotti
  2. Arco del "Beghetto"
  3. Sagrato a mosaico Chiesa Parrocchiale di Sant'Antonio Abate
  4. Chiesa Parrocchiale di Sant'Antonio Abate
  5. Torre quadrata
  6. Quartiere del Rovereto e cinta murarie
  7. Piazza XXV Aprile e pozzo
  8. Torre Circolare Quartiere "Marina"

CURIOSITÀ: itinerario BLU

"Deiva: angoli curiosi, misteriosi e sconosciuti"
  1. Bombarda
  2. Passaggio segreto "Vico del fico"/Torre
  3. Grotta dell'oca
  4. Borgo Caraschi - Rifugio antiaereo
  5. Lapide Assunta/Streghe
  6. Castello Da Passano/Arca Passana

BAMBINI: itinerario GIALLO

"Deiva come un gioco"
  1. Lungomare - area spettacoli per bambini
  2. Lungomare - area giostre
  3. Giochi - Corso Italia
  4. Cinema all'aperto
  5. Quando piove: spazio bimbi Biblioteca Civica
  6. Percorso ciclabile - spazio ginnico
  7. Area giochi  località Arenella
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