Mentha x Piperita


Mint is used in the kitchen to season main courses, lamb, sweets and cocktails. From mint you can extract menthol, the main ingredient of many perfumes, but also of medicines and make-ups.

There are many types of mint:

-rotundifolia, is characterized by oval rounded leaves, its flowers have light colours and its smell is strong and not very pleasant;

-rividis, it is a rare and spontaneous mountain plant, it has green leaves and a pleasing and penetrating smell;

-longifolia, it grows in hedges and in fields and is characterized by whitish and silky leaves;

-pulegium, it grows in river valleys, the leaves are small and it has a pleasant smell;

-arvensis, it has a polymorphic shape, the leaves are large and pubescent;

-aquatica, it grows on humid or swampy ground. It has a polymorphic shape but has an upright trunk and small oval leaves.

Mint can be cultivated both in the round and in a vase, it naturally grows in fresh and humid areas, but it is also an adaptable and resisten plant, that is why even when it is cultivated in a warm and dry climate, it develops more essential oils in its leaves.