Within the framework of the Interreg Italy-France Maritime Programme, the Terragir3 project aims to increase the sustainability of cross-border tourist demand by enhancing the value of typical local features and countering the phenomenon of mass tourism.

Through the elaboration of a Joint Action Plan, the Liguria Region, the Province of Nuoro, the Tuscany Region and Corsica, partners in the Project, have created an early potentially innovative entrepreneurial fabric for tourist accommodation, promoting tourism that goes "beyond the coast" and prefers an experiential approach to travel, giving value to the traditions that exist.

On the TerrAgir3 pages of all partners you will find promotion and deseasonalisation of the cross-border tourist offer, through the qualification of green&blue tourist packages, not only in virtue of the great variety of experiences offered (museums, agritourisms, typical products, local folklore, ichthyic tourism, sport fishing, outdoor sports, nature) but also for the particular ability to model themselves to specific individual requests through the creation of an innovative "do-it-yourself" dynamic packaging system.

Currently, in Liguria there are more than 50 farms, agritourisms and fish farms selected and trained by qualified territorial marketing experts, for a total of more than 150 "Experiential Tourism" proposals.

If you are a company intrested in proposing new experiences, please send and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are a tourism intermediary interested in joining the project, please download the attached Expression of Interest.