Being veg in Liguria is easy. Ligurian style of cooking is rich in vegetarian food, as pesto and pansoti. Ligurians could be veg without knowing it…

Liguria has always been a veg friendly region. Vegetarian food in Liguria is very common and traditional.

Products of the ground as vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes prevail on animal proteins

Over the years, inhabitants of Liguria have learned how to grow plants and eat their fruits, like Libereso Guglielmi, a famous botanist recently dead. He is the author of several books where you can find a lot of vegetarian recipes, like the “preboggion”, a mixture of weeds used to prepare, for example, soups or the filling for ravioli and pansoti. 

In Liguria you can eat many types of vegetable pies. First of all you should try “pasqualina”, which was born to celebrate Easter after Lent. Pasqualina pie is filled with ricotta and spinach or artichokes and eggs. Secondly, the “torta verde” (litterally “green pie”) comes from the westwards of our region and it is prepared with rice, leeks and courgettes. You should try also the pumpkin pies from Murta, a place near Genoa, and pies of artichoke, onion and chards. If you go to Sori don't forget to try ripieni and cuculli.

Farinata is prepared with chickpea or wheat flour. In Savona you can also eat “turtellassu”, a type of farinata prepared with rosemary, olives, onions or other spices. In Genoa you should try farinata and pies made by Sa’ Pesta:

Do you like soups? In Genoa you should try “zemino” of chickpeas, in the Riviera Ligure of Levante you can find the “mesciua”, a soup with legumes and cereals, in Rivera Ligure of Ponente the scuba soup, which consists simply of a clove of garlic, a tomato and a laurel leaf.

If you love pasta you will fall in love with pasta with pesto. In Liguria you can find many pasta types, like pansoti, which are filled with herbs and seasoned with walnut sauce, and ravioli di magro, so called because of the inside: no meat, but beetroot, eggs, bourbon and ricotta. Nearby Ventimiglia you can also find barbagiuai, fried ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and cheese, and sugeli, seasoned with fermented cottage cheese or goat cheese.

If you are looking for veg restaurants in Liguria:

- in Genoa you can go to “In Fusion
- in Savona you can go to “Col Cavolo” and to “Universo vegano
- in Imperia there is “Le navi in cielo
- in La Spezia there are “Ristorante Equilibrio” and “Circolo Arci origami”.