“There are moments when I walk about on the heights above Genoa, having glimpses and feelings  such as Columbus once, perhaps from the very same place, sent out across the sea and into the future.” This famous quotation by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche  perfectly describes the two souls of Genoa: the sea and the mountains. But what would Nietzsche have felt if he had changed his point of observation? What kind of emotions would he had felt if he had admired the mountains from the sea , instead of the sea from the mountains? Probably he would had felt the same as you can nowadays on a boat that reaches Pegli, hugging the coast. Departing from the Porto Antico of Genoa, leaving the dock you have the chance to see elements that from the sea acquire a whole new flavor. You will see the Sopraelevata, as hated as loved by the Genoese, who draws curves suspended in the city; the Lantern, fil rouge between past and present, that stands out from a colorful carpet of containers, showing off her famous elegance; then, looking a little further eastward, the Sea Fair and beyond, towards Corso Italia. You will have the chance to be surprised by common scenes that fall into the daily order, such as a plane taking off or a crane with the load suspended in the air. This way you will breathe the real atmosphere of Genoa as a sea city. And if it is your first time here, we're pretty sure it will not be the last one.