It seems impossible that an island of just 0.11 square kilometers could hide such a beauty on its ground. Yet the Gallinara Island, which lies about one and a half km from the Albenga coast, boasts an heritage of thousands of experiences: religious, since a monastery founded by some Colombian monks was erected around the 4th century; historical, thanks to the two galleries excavated by prisoners during the WWII German occupation; fauna for the presence of rare reptiles and one of the most populous colonies of real gulls in northern Tyrrhenian.
The island, known by the Ligurians as " a Gainâa ", is part of the Regional Nature Reserve of Gallinara and its coastline is full of sponges, crumbs, bushes and quarrels. The only way to admire all these natural beauties is to experience a  complete circumnavigation of the island,  that also provide a snorkeling stop. You just have to choose your port of departure among Imperia, Diano Marina, Alassio, Laigueglia and Andora.