Liguria is the right place to go on holiday with your children. In the summertime there are many events dedicated to the kids

In the Riviera ligure di Ponente, where Alassio, Sanremo and Arma di Taggia are the most well-known towns, there are so many beautiful beaches. In Riviera ligure di Levante too there are a lot of beaches; in the area of ​​Sestri Levante, Deiva Marina and Levanto the beach resorts are equipped to entertain the children with a lot of games.

Moreover, you can do snorkeling. Between Varigotti and Loano it is possible to do snorkeling with the marine biologists of the Salto nel Blu Association. In the area of Alassio, in the famous Baia del Sole, with the Sesto Continente Diving Center it is possible to admire the bottom of the sea of the Gallinara Island.

Another fun activity is fishing tourism, a tourist activity that you can do around all the Ligurian coast. It is a great experience for the children. It is possible to do fishing tourism in Camogli, Bergeggi, Varazze, Alassio and Rapallo. Also in the Ligurian inland there are many activities dedicated to the children, as the excursions in the Regional Parks, which offer routes and excursions designed for the children.  Moreover, there are many amusement parks, which offer activities that involve the whole family, like in Mendatica, Genova Righi and Alassio.

In the summertime in Liguria every municipality organizes events to entertain and engage the children during their holiday. For example, Pietra Ligure organizes the event Bimbingioco: for one week in June a lot of plays, workshops and concerts are organised. In Celle Ligure from June 19th to 25th there is Navicelle, an event for children where they can have fun and daydream. In Castiglione Chivarese there is the MuCast, a museum that in the summertime organizes visits under the stars.