Strolling among vineyards, oil mills, holidays farms, stonewalls and breathtaking views between hills and slopes dropping sheer to the sea

Liguria is a thin strip of land overlooking the sea, a small surface rich in excellent products both for their quality and taste. One of these being extra virgin olive oil, which in Liguria holds the European DOP certification, and which has always been the foundation of the Mediterranean diet.

Being tasty, healthy and natural, this oil is the result of the age-old experience handed down from generation to generation in the Ligurian countryside. Oil production is an ancient art based on love for the land, passion and quest for the perfect taste to be paired with each dish. Obtained from six varieties of local olive trees, the Ligurian extra virgin olive oil has a fragrant and fruity taste, with a pine-nut or raw artichoke aftertaste.

During autumn, in Liguria both major and minor events celebrate oil. In fact, the olives harvest begins in early November and it continues until the end of December. This is an important season for olive growers because, once olives are harvested, they must be pressed within two days. The event “Olioliva” is held in Imperia in November: in the beautiful center of Oneglia, during a weekend characterized by tastings, samplings, cooking workshops and typical restaurant menus.