Vermentino is a white berry variety, with a big, conic-shaped bunch of grapes; the berries are medium to big, of a yellow shade, thin waxy skin and a juicy pulp. Its origins are probably Spanish, but it is very common also in Liguria, Sardinia and Tuscany. It is grown also in Corsica and Provence, most recently it has been introduce in many other Italian regions and worldwide in USA, Lebanon, Malta, Australia and South Africa.In 1995, Giusi Masnardi stated that the term ‘vermene’ which describes a thin and flexible branch probably gives the name to this variety. There are mentions of Vermentino also in the Pomona Italiana, identifying it with the name Vernaccia. Vermentino is one of the very few vines that have so many names: it is Pigato in western Liguria and Favorita in Piedmont: it differs from these different biotypes by bunch dimension, berries colour and its endurance against adversity.Vermentino has an early ripening period, is quite robust and likes to grow on well-exposed, breezy areas near the sun, which are known to be dry and less fertile.The wines produced with this variety are medium-structured, straw-yellow with a decet vivacity. They have intense aromas, are complex and elegant. 

Dry and pleasantely soft with a good balance between sapid and fresh notes.Vermentino can be used as:

-mai vine in the Colli di Luni Vermentino PDO (min. 90%), Colline di Levanto Vermentino PDO (min. 85%), Val Polcèvera Vermentino PDO (min. 85%), Golfo del Tigullio - Portofino Vermentino PDO (min. 85%), in the Riviera Ligure di Ponente Vermentino DOC (min. 95%);

-as secondary vine in the Colli di Luni Bianco PDO (min. 35%), in the Colline di Levanto Bianco PDO (min. 40%), in the Cinque Terre and Cinque Terre Sciac-chetrà PDO(max. 40%, by itself or in combination with Albarola);

-complementary vine in all the PDO and PGI regional productions.



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