Ormeasco (Dolcetto) is a red berry variety, with a pyramid-shaped bunch of grapes; it has rounded medium-sized berries which are distant from one another and have a thick and waxy skin of an intense dark shade colour.It is common belief that the first to introduce this wine grape variety in Liguria, in an area called Ormea (near the Arroscia valley borders) from which this variety takes the name, were the Marquis of Clavesana (in 14th century). Later this variety was introduced also in Piedmont with the name Dolcetto.Others claim that this is a Piedmont native variety, undergoing a progres-sive spread towards Liguria and becoming a Dolcetto variant overtime.Ormeasco is a robust and very productive plant, which grows preferably on high-altitude, poor soils. It is now present in the whole Arroscia valley area and partly in the Argentina valley area. It adjusted itself to the territory, becoming able to express its best features, especially in the sub-alpine belt (400-800 a.s.l.).

Ormeasco di Pornassio is a character wine, with good tannic notes and a freshness which ensures the consumer to enjoy it easily, despite its strong structure; aged Ormeasco has fresh chestnut and vegetal waxes aromas.Ormeasco can be used as:-main regional vine in the Ormeasco di Pornassio PDO (min. 95%);-secondary vine in the Terrazze dell’Imperiese Rosso PGI (min. 40%, by itself or in combination with Rossese);-complementary vine in all the PDO and PGI regional productions.


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