Trofie, gnocchi, picagge, trenette, testaroli...

Pesto is the ideal seasoning for trofie pasta, gnocchi and lasagne, and it is added to Genoese-style minestrone.
Excellent above all with trofie (trofiette), fresh pasta with a particular strip shape, around 2 cm long, with the extremities thinner than the centre, or with trenette (similar to linguine), picagge (similar to fettuccine) and mandilli di saea (silk handkerchiefs), similar to lasagne slices but not stacked on one another.

With pesto you can also season the testaroli (small focaccias) and the panigacci (little round loaves) typical of Eastern Liguria, cooked in earthenware baking trays in a wood-burning oven and croxetti, pasta which is round and flat and has decorations engraved on it through wooden moulds.

You have tasted Genoese pesto, have fallen in love with it and feel addicted to it? Don’t worry, it’s normal. If you want to take home a pot of good pesto, look for the shops of the producers of true pesto that belong to the Consortium for Protection of Protected-Origin-Denomination Genoese Basil. All the firms are listed on