Amidst mountains and woods just thirty minutes from Genoa, a castle and a lover that made history. A township that still thrills, amongst breath-taking hikes and culinary sweets

In the heart of a hilly zone filled with waterways, amidst chestnut and beech forests. Discover a landscape that boasts testimonies to the past, like the castle, an ancient fortification that was passed down by the Malaspina family to the Doria family. You can take your pick of hikes up to the tops of Mount Prelà or along the dam of Brugneto lake. This township is closely tied to history and to legendary love stories starring Clementina da Torriglia, lover of Sinibaldo Fieschi, portrayed in a painting displayed in the old town. Here, passion is also alive and well in the cuisine. Canestrelli - typical butter biscuits - boast an extremely old tradition dating back to the 1500s.