Immersed in the dense woods of Valbormida, there is a village where the art of glass lives in the workshops and in a museum

Set 400 metres above sea level in a green territory, covered by dense woods, Altare is the “gateway” to Valbormida, a borderland between the coast and the hinterland. A few kilometres from the most important seaside resorts in the Savona area, Altare is a good destination for those who want to enjoy the sea of Liguria, staying in a cool area and amid greenery.

The history of Altare is interwoven with the processing of glass, probably already introduced in the 12th century thanks to the Benedictine monks that to practise this old art called in families of glassworkers from France and Flanders. From that moment Altare was always considered a capital of glass.

The tradition of the artistic processing of glass lives today in the artisan shops where they blow and engrave glass and in the furnaces of the Museum of Glass Art, housed in the stupendous Villa Rosa, a characteristic example of Liberty style.