Relaxation, typical dishes of “poor” cuisine and lots of nature: forget the stress of the city and immerse yourself in old traditions that are still alive

Millennial traditions that are still alive and heartfelt, mountain valleys, very savoury gastronomy called “White Cuisine” (meaning very modest dishes) and clean air. If you think that Liguria is only sea and beaches, here is a village in the extreme west that will make you change your mind.

Mendatica, in the upper Arroscia valley, is a typical mountain village immersed in greenery, where still very much alive is the tradition of transhumance and where you can enjoy very particular dishes of white cuisine especially on the occasion of the Late August Feast. In these distant and isolated zones, centuries-old agricultural and pastoral transhumance has united the populations of the Ligurian mountains, of the province of Cuneo and of the Occitan valleys. There are old tracks, created over the centuries by flocks and herds that seasonally went up towards high mountain pastures.

In these areas this old custom is still very much alive and at the end of September is evoked with a big feast lasting three days. There are Occitan dances, markets with gastronomic and handicraft products and educational meetings with the youngest people. The village is at the foot of Monte Frontè, immersed in greenery 782 metres above sea level. Tranquillity, nature, healthy air and plenty water, famous for its purity (Mendatica means precisely “send-water”). The quaint fountains in graven stone that are found in the whole historic area still testify to this richness. Along the nature path you can admire the beautiful waterfalls of the Arroscia stream, which make leaps of about thirty metres.