Monesi is the Liguria you don’t expect, where you can ski with a view of the sea

For so many Ligurians, Monesi is “snow.” At 1376 metres above sea level, on the slopes of Monte Saccarello mountain, which with its height of 2201 metres is the highest mountain in Liguria, this place came into being in the 1950s and was called “little Switzerland.” Today Monesi has been born again, finding its correct dimension, suited to families and those who love skiing off the piste.

A convenient two-seater chair lift, well looked after pistes, low prices and that small skiing station atmosphere that makes you feel at home, it is ideal for families. Few facilities, pistes with a natural background, so much virgin ground on which to make a trace: Monesi is the kingdom of free riders.

A few kilometres from the Ligurian coast, immersed in an environment that is still intact, it will surprise you. It really is worthwhile to climb up to Monesi in spring and in summer too, because the landscape and the natural environment have unique beauty, and a lot of excursions can be made along the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri. There are a lot of spectacular paths to be taken on foot or on a mountain bike along the ridges of Monte Saccarello, strategically situated between France, Liguria and Piedmont. Starting from here you can get to the Valle delle Meraviglie, Arroscia and Argentina. Along Val Tanarello you can also go horse riding and the bravest can go rafting at some points along the Arroscia stream or go paragliding in the area of San Bernardo di Mendatica. Mention must be made of the Sanremo hostel, 2078 metres above sea level, on the eastern side of Saccarello.