A panorama of well-preserved natural settings, amongst green stretches and the tinkling of cowbells, the perfect destination for treks and to enjoy excellent local cuisine

Well exposed to the sun, evoked its original name “aprico”, a natural terrace on the north face of the Maro valley, less than twenty km from Imperia. Discover the many hamlets, here united in a sea of downy oaks and olive trees. Experience the 16th-century charm of palazzo De Gubernatis Ventimiglia or the baroque flavour of the sanctuary of San Paolo. From the taste of art to the flavour of the cuisine - don’t miss the Aurigo bread and the tasty fried pastry pockets. Ready for a hike? On foot or get out the mountain bike and head along the valley ridge, following a scenic route looking over the Ligurian Alps. Amidst wind-swept underbrush and flowering meadows you might run into grazing cows and herds of sheep in a vision from the past.

Honorary titles: City of oil