Presumed cradle of the historical navigator, a village that amazes you with its wealth of art and typical Ligurian cuisine

Real or presumed land of birth of Christopher Columbus, Chiusanico stands on the left bank of the Impero valley, about fifteen km from Imperia. Covered by an almost unified mantle of olives, this pocket of Liguria is fascinating because of the farming flavour it still holds onto. Don’t miss the picturesque Longobard village of Gazzelli and the bas-reliefs of Torria. Here you can visit the house where the navigator is said to have been born, and the church of Santo Stefano with its decorated sacristy and a renaissance, Florentine style polyptych. And speaking of taste, don’t miss one of the traditional Ligurian dishes - ravioli di magro filled with ricotta and greens. A typical pleasure after a hike along the trails that take you to the sanctuaries on the highest hilltops.

Honorary titles: City of oil