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    On the Eastern Riviera after the Portofino promontory, among inlets, beaches and docks where tourism rhymes with... [...]
    Liguria, beaches where children can get in the sea in safety [...]
    From Riviera Ligure di Ponente to Riviera Ligure di Levante we offer you a visit of 10 villages easily reachable from... [...]
    When the night never ends [...]
    Discese ardite, ripide salite. Curve mozzafiato, tornanti che si scolpiscono nella memoria. La Liguria è una terra da... [...]
    Parallel to the sea, the valley is like a second dimension of the Eastern Riviera, also to be discovered along the... [...]
    The Ligurian Riviera has changed. Not only beaches full of beach umbrellas and colourful sun beds but beach... [...]
    The hamlet of Riva Trigoso was once a fishing village and is now home to of renowned shipbuilding companies . It is... [...]
    Mulinetti is a small hamlet in Recco, along the Riviera di Levante in the heart of the Paradiso Gulf, close to the... [...]
    The blue flag waves on the beaches, between Cavi and the centre. But in addition to dives and the clean sea, there is... [...]
    [...] framed by verdant green hills, is situated on the Riviera di Levante on the Portofino promontory about 33 kilometers... [...]
    [...] and is situated in the Gulf of Tigullio , on the Riviera di levante , about 44 km from the city of Genoa. The locality... [...]
    Our journey through history and the art of living be­gins in Genoa, at Palazzo Reale or Palazzo Balbi, its official... [...]
    The night never ends. Waiting for dawn on the beaches in Liguria is a must. If the evening is accompanied by the... [...]
    A rural profile that tells its land and history, a landscape that looks to the sea and able to win over those who... [...]
    Over time it has been transformed from a sleepy fishing village to a major seaside resort town, well-known throughout... [...]
    A landscape that still preserves the traces of ancient country traditions. To be discovered through wonderful horse... [...]
    Cradled by the mountains, an important place for pilgrims of all times. Where you can enrich your spirit, amongst the... [...]
    Land of “grains” and of country flavour, of people tied closely to their origins even if they emigrated to America. A... [...]
    A town with an important past and a living tradition, all to be discovered, with places of worship and pleasant food... [...]

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